Chair of Information Systems (Information and IT Service Management)
Chair of Information Systems (Information and IT Service Management)

Welcome to the chair of Information Systems - Prof. Dr. Franz Lehner

Our team (from left to right): Michael Langbauer, Dr. Alexander Keller, Dr. Nora Fteimi, Sebastian Floerecke, Prof. Dr. Franz Lehner, Tobias Baumgärtner, Aleksandra Dzepina, Claudia Reitmayer

Scientific Community "Information Systems"

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The chair's objectives

Understanding IT – Designing IT

Information Systems is an interdisciplinary scientific domain which focuses on the design, the usage and the management of Information Systems and studies technical as well as behavioural aspects regarding the role of information technology in business and social life. 

The discipline substantially contributes to sustainable acting in a complex environment. It fosters the companies’ capability to remain innovative, but also their competitive strength.

The focus of our research is on:

  • Business Process Management
  • Knowledge Management
  •  IT and Data Management as well as IT-Service-Management
  • Engineering of mobile Applications (Apps)
  • Cloud Computing

 Furthermore we strive to contribute to the advancement of Information Systems by integrating partial results and particular findings into a common knowledge base and a system of theories.